The New S-Class | Alien Car Meets Pure Luxury

The New S-Class | Alien Car Meets Pure Luxury

The previously optional MULTIBEAM LED is now the standard headlamp for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Subscribe to the Mercedes-Benz channel on YouTube now so you get notified for new exciting videos here:

As well as variable control of low and high beam, it also features Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus. The optional DIGITAL LIGHT system enters series production for the first time at Mercedes-Benz. This allows completely new functions, e.g., the projection of guidelines or warning symbols onto the road ahead.

In the MULTIBEAM LED headlamp, a light module with 84 LEDs arranged in three lines creates a grid in the form of a matrix. With this arrangement, not only the light distribution of the high beam but also that of the low beam is freely configurable and technically precise. MULTIBEAM LED therefore allows different light functions to actuate independently.

The content was produced pre COVID-19.

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