The New S-Class | Aeroacoustics and NVH

The New S-Class | Aeroacoustics and NVH

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is even quieter in the interior than the previous model. The aim of sound insulation was to further improve the discreet noise level. Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube:

The high rigidity of the bodyshell provides the basis for outstanding noise and vibration comfort, and this is enhanced with fine-tuning. For example, the apertures for the cable grommets in the firewall have double seals. To achieve an engine sound that is perceived as refined and unobtrusive in the interior, the firewall insulation has been extended into the side areas of the A-pillars and the floor area.

Mercedes-Benz is also using acoustic foam in certain bodyshell sections for the first time in series production. In this process a special foam is packed into the bodyshell while these areas are still accessible. These foam sections then expand in the oven during cathodic dip painting (CDP). This process has considerably improved sound insulation in the body structure – e.g. sound transmission through the C-pillar.

The content was produced pre COVID-19.

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